Abstract Submission

Presenting Author

e.g. CHAN
e.g. Tai Man
e.g. Department of Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine
e.g. University of Hong Kong
e.g. Research Officer

Abstract must be submitted by 8 Feb 2021

Presenting Author who is below the position of Assistant Professor or equivalent, is eligible to participate in the Young Investigator Award Competition.
All abstracts must be written in English and Times New Roman in point 12 size no more than 800 words. Submitted abstract will undergo peer review by the Organization Committee.
Title of abstract should be typed in BLOCK LETTERS.
e.g. David CL Chan (initial first, followed by surname). Put a * next to the presenting author's name and list the institution(s) of all authors.
e.g. Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, HK
The Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions should be described in not more than 800 words. One figure or table may be included though at the expense of the total number of words.
All abstracts must be written in English and not more than 800 words.
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